Ammann Vibratory Plate Compactors are ready for any situation. The product line ranges from a light 54 kg to a much heavier 825 kg – with many models in between.

All Ammann plates are easy to operate, making them ideal for rental fleets. They also are versatile, with an ability to easily adjust to varied applications. Many are available with diesel or petrol engines.

When it comes to production, some of these machines move as quickly as soil compactors. They are high-climbers, too, with various models performing on grades as steep as 30 per cent.

Ammann Vibratory Plate Compactors are broken into three categories:

  • APF-Series: Forward moving vibratory plates
  • APR-Series: Reversible vibratory plates
  • APH-Series: Fully hydrostatic reversible vibratory plates

The APF 1033 is the lightest and smallest of all Ammann Vibratory Plate Compactors. Its size makes it ideally suited to small jobsites and confined areas.

The APF 12/33 is an outstanding match for soils and soft bases, particularly those associated with gardening and landscaping. It has a working width of 330 mm and engine power of 2.9 kW (4 HP).

The APF 15/40 is able to utilise key options to make this forward-moving plate extremely versatile. An optional Vulcolan mat, which can be installed without a single tool, provides quick adjustment when working with paving stones.

The light weight and narrow working width of the APR 2220 make this reversible plate compactor a great fit on confined worksites.

The APR 2620 offers you multiple options, with available working widths of 38 cm or 50 cm. This all-around machine performs in varied applications and on varied surfaces and offers an optional water sprinkler system for work on asphalt.

The light weight and narrow working width of the APR 2220 make this reversible plate compactor a great fit on confined worksites. With a working width of 40 cm and a weight of about 100 kg, this vibratory plate squeezes into tight locations, while its compact design and high manoeuvrability help it perform when it gets there.

The APR 3020 maintains the easy handling that is common to smaller reversible vibratory plates but adds productivity potential with working widths of 50 cm or 60 cm.

The APR 3520 has good capabilities, with working widths of 45 cm to 60 cm. It is often the vibratory plate of choice for contractors working with pavement blocks with thicknesses up to 10 cm.

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The APR 4920 features good manoeuvrability and power with an 8,2 kw engine available to help with climbing and, ultimately, compaction. The machine performs at grades up to 30 per cent.

This reversible vibratory plate offers manoeuvrability and great climbing with an ability to work on 30 percent grades.High-performance diesel engines power the machines. The variable forward and reverse motion helps the vibratory plates overcome particularly difficult spots in hard-to-reach places. At 440 kg, it is the heaviest of the APR vibratory plates.

The APH 5020 Hydrostatic Vibratory Plate Compactor features a twin-shaft exciter system that packs powerful compaction forces. This machine is highly reliable and trusted in the marketplace because of its robust design and long component life.

The APH 5030 weighs in at 375 kg. Several options, such as an electric starter, extension plates, operation hour meter and dead man’s handle allow for customisation to make the plate fit your particular needs.

The weight of the APH 100-20 combines with the industry-leading triple-shaft exciter system to provide performance, climbing ability and responsiveness.

The APH 1000 TC is an IR remote-controlled hydrostatic plate that can go where others can’t. The IR remote abilities ensure operation under the toughest conditions – and in the tightest spaces and deep trenches. The operator is able to steer the vibratory plate from a safe distance with a remote control or cable remote.

The APF 15/50 combines the powerful Ammann exciter system with industry-leading low hand-arm vibration (HAV) levels. The result is a powerful compactor that’s comfortable and safe for operators, too. The plate features a working width of 500 mm and engine power of 2.9 kW (4 HP).

The APF 20/50 provides the most power in the new APF lineup. It features a working width of 500 mm and centrifugal force of 18 kN. The plate’s technologically advanced exciter unit is maintenance free. The exciter system also provides significant forward-moving power to enhance productivity in challenging materials and on steep grades.

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