Ammann Rammers feature the best forward-movement in the industry, helping contractors in all applications work productively and ultimately achieve compaction targets. The forward-moving ability makes them the tool of choice for contractors and rental agencies.

The rammers also are so easy to use that operators of all experience levels are able to perform productively. They are more comfortable, too, because of the reduced-vibration handle. That lessens fatigue and ultimately proves to be another productivity booster.

The ATR 30 is the lightest Ammann rammer on the market. The weight of 29 kg can be handled very easy especially in trenches and all job sites where a light weight and a small rammer foot have their biggest advantages. The rammer is empowered by a small Honda GX 35 petrol engine.

Like all Ammann rammers, the ATR 60 C and ATR 68 C provide industry-leading compaction output and forward movement. The handle, the height, proper shoes and a low centre of gravity that enables control make the rammers easy to operate regardless of experience level. The rammers feature the vibration isolated handle concept that limits hand-arm vibrations to protect the operator.

The ATR 60 C offers a working weight of 61 kg. The ATR 68 C delivers more weight at 86 kg. Both machines excel with their unmached balance. The Classic rammers are equipped with a Honda GX 100 petrol engine, highly regarded for its reliability and long life.

The ACR 70D provides the most rammer weight, at 83 kg. It utilises a YANMAR L48 diesel engine that is popular with contractors who prefer light equipment with diesel engines – and of course want power, too. The rammer features an adjustable, vibration-resistant handle that helps fight fatigue and keep the operator focused throughout a shift. The added weight combined with the low centre of gravity and the YANMAR engine provide plenty of compaction pop.

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