Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 1.42.40 pmFPT Industrial is a brand of CNH Industrial that is dedicated to the development, production and sale of powertrains for On-Road, Off-Road, Marine and Power Generation applications. The company employs over 8,400 people on a worldwide basis, localised in 10 plants and 6 Research & Development centres.

The presence of FPT Industrial is in more than 100 countries through the existence of a commercial network of 93
dealers and more than 899 service points. The wide range of products (6 engine families with a power range from 20 to 825 HP and transmissions with a maximum power from 300 to 500 Nm) and an important focus on Research & Development activities make FPT Industrial one of the global players in the industrial powertrains sector.

The Irrigation Power Units (IPU) range are complete with:

• Engines
• Industrial clutch
• Fuel tank
• Sub-base
• Starting battery/ies
• Exhaust muffler
• Power range 93 to 375 kW (126 to 510 hp)
• FPT engines: 4.5 to 12.9 L
• All engines have a 2 year warranty
• Featured with electronic injection systems, enabling engines to be optimised for superior performance and fuel consumption
• Best in class for maintenance thanks to far between oil change intervals (600 hs), enabling uptime maximisation
• Compact packaging resulting both in easier operations on working sites and in better transportability

Off Road

Innovation, performance and continuous improvement are the fundamental factors for industrial machines. These include construction equipment machines, plant machines, agricultural machines and irrigation machines. Every engine is engineered to cater for the specific needs of each different Off-Road application and uses the most advanced technology available on the market: innovative architectures, multi-valve heads, fixed or variable geometry turbochargers, mechanical injection systems, high pressure Common Rail injection and electronically controlled unit injectors. With a choice of structural variants specific for agriculture and non-structural variants for construction equipment along with agricultural applications combined with an ample scope for personalising engine configuration; these engines cater for the needs of every sector.

In the Field

Agricultural irrigation:

• Horizontal pump installations
• Deep well pump installations (vertical pumps)
• Center line pivot systems
• Defrost machines Transfer pump applications:
• Deflooding systems to transfer water from rivers into deflooding channels Sludge pump applications:
• Mud drainage (farming)
• Sewage & drainage

For more information you can download the brochure here.